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The Good, the Bad and English Essay Samples Pdf

<h1> The Good, the Bad and English Essay Samples Pdf </h1> <h2>English Essay Samples Pdf Help! </h2> <p>On the other hand, the attack of English isn't deprived of downsides. Additionally, English is more straightforward to learn than each other language. English is a somewhat viable language since it's demonstrated by the local and non-local speakers all around the globe. Break these into several sentences.</p> <p>Grammar Book is a superb asset for rehearsing appropriate sentence structure and spelling. You should give thoughts as it so happens, nonetheless, which implies that your understudies don't wind up completely overpowered. Appropriately, in order to get a high evaluation for the paper, the understudy ought to observe the entirety of the designing principles and standards. Up and coming understudies may likewise be mentioned to make a school paper for a part of their first prerequisites. </p> <p>Just open our English paper model and find out what's written in an exposition and how it is composed. At the point when you form the paper, you need to pick a solitary side to focus on. At the point when the paper itself should comprise of 3 sections, it's alluring to make a diagram for all of them. You don't need to stress since we're here to help you recorded as a hard copy a scholastic exposition. </p> <p>The length of your paper isn't what colleges scan for. There's few articles finished by them. You have to see how to form a compelling paper as it is a normal establishment for an understudy's evaluation. An understudies should plan to give a token of the key kinds of the article. </p> <p>Such test expositions can be extremely useful, on the grounds that they can give a total image of what a fine paper is. So as to concoct own style you may use English article tests that you can run over on the web. Just take a look at our totally free paper tests and you'll discover that we aren't overstating. English paper tests should be altogether investigated and comprehended for the young understudy before attempting to create his artful culmination. </p> <p>Looking at IELTS article subjects with answers is a gigantic way to help you to prepare for the test. Understudies will be ready to add them to their own jargon records, and even find how the words are utilized in various recordings. English paper position is critical, so you have to hold fast to a particular structure. Designing of an English language paper is only one of the crucial components of the article achievement. </p> <p>Hopefully, you could discover a few hints that you accept can assist you with improving your article composing capacities. Your school exposition ought to contain data that are identified with the guidance gave to you. Before you initiate composing your school exposition, you may decide to see the article examplesA that we've recorded for you, with the goal that you may have more thought on what things to place in the school paper which you will make. Because you've just composed a school exposition for a solitary college doesn't imply that it might likewise apply on your next applications. </p> <p>Introduction exposition sections are focal in any piece of composing for the explanation they give perusers advance insights regarding the substance and the capacity of the material. Continuously remember, any paper have three unmistakable pieces. Composing an exposition is an essential job in academe life. The factious paper has a specific organization that must be followed to take the breath away of the peruser, and it's particularly useful for understudies notwithstanding the corporate when making vital recommendations. </p> <p>Your sections don't interface each other's significance along with the entire idea of your exposition may be unlimited. Prior to sitting to create an exposition, it is proposed to view the clear blueprint layout for reference with the goal that you will get a thought of what activities and what not to. A significant point to tolerate at the top of the priority list is to make a point to don't have a thing in the paper that is not identified with your subject. The central matter to be careful about in close to home enlightening paper is that there shouldn't be any over-misrepresentation. </p> <p>In such conditions, despite the fact that the presence of a few normalized English's could make disarray, a gigantic comprehension of a general Standard English is significant. Regularly viewed as an achievement on the way to human advancement', moreover, it had a significant influence in the development of Modern English. To create the best use of web realizing English is required. As you are learning English, you genuinely have an advantage. </p>

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Top Research Paper Parallel Topics Tips!

<h1> Top Research Paper Parallel Topics Tips! </h1> <h2>The Chronicles of Research Paper Parallel Topics </h2> <p>This is what's implied by methods for a convergence among programming and equipment. Absolutely, it's not, at this point adequate for even essential software engineers to obtain close to the standard successive programming capacities. Inside this period, your PC with access to the web is your best decision. Equal preparing is a colossal point. They will without a doubt have online article databases you could utilize by means of their site (in case you're not a cardholder, you might have the option to enter the library and use themcall first). Most of those databases will allow you to target peer inspected or inquire about articles. </p> <p>Everybody realizes that composing is difficult. At that point chase for something you couldn't want anything more than to get familiar with. Focus on something specific. </p> <h2>The Foolproof Research Paper Parallel Topics Strategy </h2> <p>This can assist you with addressing the point without meandering aimlessly. Whenever that you are rehashing a lot of precisely the same verbiage, verify whether you can utilize equal structure. In this manner, the sentence above is overambitious in its push to assess the two occasions inside a breath. </p> <h2> Life, Death and Research Paper Parallel Topics</h2> <p>Network models are exactly the equivalent however there isn't any center, no 1 parent. You're ready to get a great deal of materials on the web. There are just a couple of people for whom this technique works out easily. Every client will get a non-appropriated paper with auspicious transportation. Free example explore paper subjects on water protection can be certain the possibility of the right logical composition. This probably won't be easy to fathom, however the best strategy to do this is first, start by choosing a region of enthusiasm for your line of study. See a few choices to pick from. </p> <p>To approach the paper with at any rate uneasiness, you should choose a subject that you are feeling great expounding on, and one which you're sure that you could get a handle on the proper grant on. Which point you settle on could help decide the whole creative cycle, the examination, together with the graduate you will get. Find intriguing realities you could improve your bit of composing. Whenever you get another task which requires picking a theme, you get worried as you comprehend what it requires to make a great research. This task utilizes a rubric. </p> <h2>Things You Won't Like About Research Paper Parallel Topics and Things You Will </h2> <p>It is genuinely an indiscreet or purposeful exertion to assume acknowledgment of an individu work. Tragically, however the law is among the most precarious subjects on the off chance that you need to keep the crowd in quest ion. It expects you to maintain an extremely clear center, and address your chief focuses with supporting proof. In this manner do others on the off chance that the appraisals must be accepted. Perform broad research regarding your preferred matter and give a great enticing discourse that people will recall for long.</p>

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Steps to Write College Paper

<h1>Steps to Write College Paper</h1><p>How to compose school paper is a subject of much conversation nowadays. Here and there it is utilized as a measure to perceive how well you are getting along in contemplating. In any case, a few people do this for the sole motivation behind compelling them to give the papers that they composed. Here are a few stages you can follow to guarantee that your paper is written in a great manner.</p><p></p><p>As time passes by, various individuals will give you proposals on the most proficient method to compose school paper. The accompanying things make certain to come up: What is the purpose of composing on the off chance that you won't get a passing mark? As it were, what will be the result of composing a paper on the off chance that you can't get it acknowledged by a college? It can get extremely entangled on occasion to discover the response to this inquiry. The main thing you can do is to discover a few an swers for how to compose school paper that functions best for you.</p><p></p><p>The first thing you have to consider while composing a school paper is the arrangement that ought to be utilized. This is on the grounds that school papers can be created in numerous organizations. You can use section organizing. It is suggested that you utilize standard passage arranging so as to keep up your message and focuses that you need to stress. You can likewise put the headers, footers and sub-headings in various configurations relying upon the paper that you will compose. By utilizing this configuration, you will make it simpler for the individual who will assess your paper to make sense of the focuses you are making.</p><p></p><p>The second thing that you have to consider while composing a paper is the means by which you need to introduce your paper. As a rule, understudies need to compose an introduction that should introduce their proposal. Yo u ought to consistently consider the crowd that will peruse the paper. They will have various perspectives too. Your papers ought to talk reality and pass on the truth.</p><p></p><p>The third thing that you have to consider when composing a paper is the design of the paper. Your papers will be assessed by the perusers thus you have to make the paper simple to peruse. The text dimension of the paper is another factor to consider. You can either keep it basic and keep the composing light or you can make the paper intense and incorporate numerous textual styles. This is on the grounds that intense text styles pass on the data plainly and quickly.</p><p></p><p>The fourth interesting point when composing a school paper is the perspective. For the most part, the more noticeable the perspective, the better the school paper will be. For instance, the perspective is normally demonstrated by the main passage in the paper. The main section should feature the theory. The subsequent passage must follow the proposal and give insights regarding the primary concerns of the paper. The last section should consider the finish of the paper and fill in as an end for the theory statement.</p><p></p><p>All altogether, composing a school paper is a significant assignment that you need to perform on occasion. On the off chance that you need assistance, you can utilize the web to locate the most ideal ways on the best way to compose school paper. There are numerous online guides that can help you through your school papers.</p>

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Essay Topics For Junior High

Essay Topics For Junior HighJunior high is a period of growing up when many children begin to consider essay topics for the year. There are many essays for junior high that are written, but the choices often depend on the essay topic chosen. Here are some ideas that might be helpful in choosing an essay topic.A topic that might be chosen is always the same topic. People find themselves writing about the current events of the day. There are many ways to write about the news and other news events. It depends on the type of essay that is being written. What is your audience?There are things that can be learned from reading books and other writings about people's lives. Many times, an essay is written for the purpose of learning something that might help someone else. When the essay topic is not a history topic, there are many other ways to go about it.Some of the best essay topics for junior high are what one finds fun, what interests them, or which are their favorite subjects. Since so many people go to school, it is hard to stay out of trouble. You can think about what subject you might like to talk about. Or you can also go with an idea that someone else has come up with.Another type of essay topics would be, what are some of the most common topics that have been discussed in the year before. If the topic of the year is science, one can find an essay about biology, genetics, chemistry, and others. This is just another way to get your writing down. The ideas that are used are usually around what one has been learning.It is also possible to use life experiences to write about in an essay. The essays might relate to things that someone has experienced such as going to war or being on a boat. By using words and concepts from the different experiences, a person can gain insight into their life.Topics could also come from school subjects. Some people are best suited to writing about math, science, English, social studies, or history. These topics might be good subjec ts to use in an essay. You might be thinking about subjects that you did not do much work on in school.It is important to always put thought into the subjects that you choose. No matter what the topic is, one can never go wrong with the topic if it is done correctly. But you also need to make sure that the essay is actually interesting to read. You might have heard the saying, 'Form is never more than half of the law.'

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Youth and Old Age Poetic Techniques in 35-10 - Literature Essay Samples

All humans face the struggle of aging. With the passage of time, one must grow old and eventually perish. Aging is something we fear, as it brings on a variety of physical, psychological, and socially constructed ailments. Often there is the idea that youth can be preserved or passed on to a person’s offspring, but vicariously living through one’s child can be detrimental to one’s confidence. In Sharon Olds’ poem, â€Å"35/10†, the speaker is a mother who observes her daughter and notes changes happening to both of them. Many of these changes seem to happen in tandem as the daughter grows in a certain way, her mother metamorphizes in another fashion. However, there is a negative sense surrounding the physical changes that the mother experiences, which becomes apparent throughout the poem. Olds uses tactile, visual, and olfactory imagery in order to create a contrast between the ages of the mother and her daughter and reinforce the speaker’s idea that youth is more physically desirable than old age. Tactile imagery peppers â€Å"35-10† and its use furthers the speaker’s idea that aging makes a person less attractive. The first use of tactile imagery to emphasize a contrast between the speaker and her daughter occurs when the speaker describes her daughter’s â€Å"dark, silken hair† and her own â€Å"grey, gleaming head† (Olds 1-3). Her daughter’s hair, being silken to the touch, creates an image of health, youth, and beauty. The speaker’s grey hair is not given tactility, as if it is not something that is touched, which gives the sense that an aged person is one that no one desires to make physical contact with. Thus, the speaker does not only describe her hair, but creates the idea that her daughter’s youth makes her more desirable than herself. Another use of tactile imagery to emphasize the daughter’s relative youthfulness occurs when the speaker describes how the â€Å"the fold in [her] neck [clarifies] as the f ine bones of her [daughter’s] hips sharpen† (4-5). The tactile imagery in this example is again stronger in the daughter’s case pointiness is something that can be felt very tangibly, while the clarification of a wrinkle in the mother’s neck is something that is not as physically explicit. The honing of the daughter’s hips is a much stronger tactile image, and thus seems to invite touch more than the fold in the mother’s neck. Finally, the speaker creates an image of the daughter’s fertility, in likening it to â€Å"a purse of eggs, round and/firm as hard-boiled yolks† (13-14). This further use of a solid adjective such as â€Å"firm† to describe the eggs adds a substantiality to youth, something that is not given to age or motherhood in this poem. Conversely, when the speaker describes her own fertility, she says that her â€Å" last chances to bear a child/are falling through [her] body† (11-12). The motion of the eggs falling through her body is something that happens passively rather than something that is touched or experienced by another, such as the firmness of her daughter’s fertility, again amplifying the speaker’s idea of aging making a person less covetable. Olds also uses visual imagery in order to emphasize a contrast between youth and senescence. An example occurs when the speaker describes her daughter’s hair as â€Å"dark†, and her own as â€Å"grey† and â€Å"silver† (3-4). Often, dark hair is associated with youth and beauty, while grey hair is something that becomes more evident as one ages. The speaker mentions her hair colour twice in the span of two lines, thus relaying the importance of her greyness as something linked to her identity. Through these contras ting images, the speaker emphasizes the divide between herself and her daughter because of the differences in their physical state. Next, the author uses a visual and tactile combination of imagery to reveal that her â€Å"skin shows its dry pitting†, while her daughter is like a â€Å"pale flower† (10). Though the â€Å"dry pitting† of the mother’s skin seems like a tactile image, it is not felt; rather, it â€Å"shows† itself further reinforcing the idea that an elderly person is unsavoury to touch (8-9). Furthermore, the rather grotesque description of the mother’s skin in comparison to the image of her daughter being as delicate and smooth as a flower is telling of the contrast between young and old, serving to denounce age. Finally, olfactory imagery is employed to further clarify the speakers rueful idea that youth is more appealing than age. The speaker describes â€Å"brushing her [daughter’s] tangled/fragrant hair† as part of an evening ritual (15-16). In noting the scent of her daughter’s hair, the speaker acknowledges an allure wafting from her daughter.The speaker of the poem does not describe her scent, denying herself olfactory characteristics. Thus, she does not consider herself alluring. The mention of the tangled texture of her daughter’s hair also serves to convey that it is something to be touched and felt. There is no one who brushes through the hair further implying that in her age she believes has become someone less worthy of physical affection. Old’s â€Å"35/10† contains a raw, honest account of how age can alter a mother not only physically, but in the way she views herself in relation to others. Throughout the poem, the speaker expresses her idea that old age makes a person less appealing by making observations about herself and her daughter with the use of tactile, visual, and olfactory imagery. The piece explores the relationship between parent and offspring, probing the often untouched line between a mother’s pride in her child and the self-pity and envy that arises as her daughter inevitably begins to eclipse her.

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Essay on The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Few people knew what events the day held on November 22, 1963, but by mid-afternoon one of the most tragic events to ever plague not only the United States but the entire world. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy would go on to be one of the most infamous days in history; surrounded in scandals, controversy, and conspiracy. There were three main reasons that the president was in Dallas, Texas. One of those reasons being his mission of reelection. Another reason was to raise more Democratic Party presidential campaign funds for the November 1964 presidential election. Finally to build up his relationships with fighting democratic parties within Texas where the Kennedy-Johnson ticket had barely won in 1960, and†¦show more content†¦This peculiar man goes on to become the most important factors in the assassination of Kennedy. The motorcade consisting of 24 cars began its journey through downtown Dallas by leaving Love Field 11:55 A.M. Just before leaving, Kennedy said to crowd of people welcoming him, â€Å"This is a real Texas welcome†¦.† (Bishop, 129-131) The motorcade then began to load; the president’s car was set to hold six individuals; President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the back seat, Governor John Connally, his wife Nellie Connally, and secret service agents Roy Kellerman and Bill Greer the limousine driver. (Historymania, Para 3) The motorcade route would begin by leaving Love Field and heading toward and turning right on Main Street which would have led directly to the Stemmons Freeway, which was the ending point of the parade. Instead of continuing straight Greer turned right on to Houston Street, followed by an extremely sharp left turn on Elm Street, causing the vehicle to decrease speed. (McAdams) It was now 12:30 as the parade took that turn on Elm Street then, almost immediately a gunshot rang out, President Kennedy clutched at his throat showing signs of distress. At thisShow Mor eRelatedThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1242 Words   |  5 Pages1963: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is an event in American history that will forever as one of the nation’s darkest days. The brutal murder of the President is seemingly terrible enough, but suspicious decisions of the federal government in regards to investigating the assassination alienated American youths from being able to trust the government, and is partially responsible for the current detachment that many citizens feel towards it. Many things about the assassination do notRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1376 Words   |  6 PagesLee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963 (Jennings), a day that changed American history, and a day that’s events still haunt the nation of freedom and liberty. Whether it be Jacqueline Kennedy’s pained cries or the hoodless limousine, a piece of this day in history lies in every American’s mind. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States of America (Bugliosi 11), to this day has several conspiraciesRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1112 Words   |  5 PagesThe assassination of President John F. Kennedy is one of the most memorable days in American history. The Making of Modern America states â€Å"Americans would compare the personal impact of the assassination to Pearl Harbor, and later to the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York† (123). Kennedy’s assassination brought about many conspiracy theories and ultimately begs the question, what if Kennedy had lived? President John F. Kennedy was sworn into office on January 20, 1961. Kennedy and hisRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1951 Words   |  8 Pagesinevitable.† JFK was a man defined by his morality, however his appeasing methods were perceived by some as a weakness, ultimately preluding his inescapable death. It is to a highly significant extent that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as contrasting ideologies, acting as motive, integrated with extensive influence and power, enabled the CIA to eliminate JFK, to infiltrate their own desired means of governing. as an impediment of desired governing. UncertaintyRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1754 Words   |  8 Pagesinvolve the assassinations of previous presidents, vice presidents, senators, civil rights activists and political figures. Assassinations although tragic are inevitable that usually occur due to political reasons or payments and they don’t only affect the lives of their families but the lives of innocent citizens. Three political assassinations that might interest you are the assassinations of President Abraham Lincoln, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy consideringRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy1431 Words   |  6 PagesThe Assassination of President John F. Kennedy â€Å"On Friday, November 22, 1963 just southwest of the intersection of Elm and Houston streets in Dallas, Texas, hundreds of people witnessed one of the most famous murders in recent history† (Waggoner 8) . His wife was with him and she tried to save him but he died on the way to the hospital. President Kennedy was only 46 years old when he got killed. His term of presidency lasted from 1961-1963 (Kreiser Par.) President Kennedy was married with 3 kidsRead MoreThe Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy2245 Words   |  9 Pagestruly killed President John F. Kennedy? The facts of the most famous assassination of an United States President in history are clear. The assassination happened on a routine visit to Dallas, Texas on the Presidential campaign trail. At 12:30pm shots are fired and President John F. Kennedy is mortally wounded. President John F. Kennedy is rushed to nearby Parkland Hospital. At 1:00pm President John F. Kennedy is pronounced dead. Approximately 1:15pm, 45minutes after the assassination, John F. Kennedy’sRead MorePresident John F. Kennedy s Assassination2463 Words   |  10 Pages President John F. Kennedy s assassination has plagued the nation for over fifty years. America has come to associate death, conspiracy, and change with the tragic events of November 22, 1963. John and Jackie Kennedy traveled from the White House to the state of Texas to began a campaigning tour for the upcoming presidential election. Kennedy began his trip with hopes of securing votes to help him secure a victory for the 1964 election. John F. Kennedy began his tour through Texas to regain supportRead MoreThe Assassination Of Presidents Abraham Lincoln And John F Kennedy1225 Words   |  5 PagesMany treasonous acts have plagued American soil in the past, most notably, the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Tragic events such as a loss of a political figure, or leader, emphasize the dark and bloody motives that often stem from greed and lead to poor decision making skills. Oftentimes, similar incidents occur in both literature and Hollywood productions, from Shakespeare’s classic plays to James Bond films, with the antagonist always facing dire consequencesRead Moreâ€Å"The President Has Been Shot† the Assassination of John F. Kennedy600 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"The President Has Been Shot† the Assassination of John F. Kennedy tells the story of one of the most horrifying events in American history. James L. Swanson takes the reader through the events leadin g up to the assassination and depicts the sunny, Texas afternoon on November 22, 1963 with dramatic details and an impeccable perspective. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts in May of 1917, Kennedy remains the youngest man ever elected president of the United States. John, known to friends as Jack, had

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Military Argumentative Essay Topics - How to Write Them

<h1>Military Argumentative Essay Topics - How to Write Them</h1><p>You might be considering utilizing your military factious paper subjects to acquaint understudies with world history or a present issue in the military today. Whatever the subject you pick, you will need to ensure that your exposition follows the essential arrangement for military paper topics.</p><p></p><p>Writing these kinds of papers is the initial phase in planning to be acknowledged into a military foundation or military school. Your article theme should answer the entirety of the accompanying inquiries: Why do we need a foundation? What is the reason for the academy?</p><p></p><p>Answering the inquiries above leads us to two more. The following inquiry to answer is what are the focal points and burdens of entering a military foundation? At long last, you will need to respond to the accompanying inquiry: Is there an approach to going into the milit ary without an academy?</p><p></p><p>The accurate words to utilize will rely upon the crowd that you are tending to. You need to be clear about the crowd when composing the paper. For instance, in the event that you are composing a contentious article about the advantages of being in a military institute, it would be wrong to utilize words like 'is'should'. When in doubt, 'are' would be fine.</p><p></p><p>The most normal misstep that journalists make when composing a contentious paper, regardless of whether the crowd is a particular crowd or not, is to start the article with a repeat of a similar contention. We as a whole know at this point it is ideal to begin a discussion by starting it. Be that as it may, it can likewise be useful to forget about this progression, in the event that you need to have to a greater extent a composing voice or to incorporate a sentiment or remark that is somewhat not the same as that of the writer.</p ><p></p><p>The last inquiry you have to address is the reason for a military foundation. In the event that you are simply attempting to give a route to an understudy to have the option to get past the preparation, you don't have to really think about this. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are tending to the issue of the military being utilized as a national security power, at that point you need to make this one stride further. You will need to clarify why the military has a duty to ensure the country and why this has become such a basic national security issue.</p><p></p><p>One significant motivation behind why the United States has gotten so associated with this issue is that the risk of psychological warfare has become a genuine concern. The need to secure our residents has ascended to a point where being set up for a fear based oppressor assault is a top need. This doesn't imply that we should transform the entire nation in to a fortress.</p><p></p><p>After you have finished your military contentious article subjects, you will have the option to introduce the data to the crowd with certainty. The following stage is to utilize them!</p>

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Help With Research Papers - Tips to Help You Get Better Research Papers

Help With Research Papers - Tips to Help You Get Better Research PapersIf you are looking for help with research papers, you have come to the right place. Help with research papers is what I am talking about, and this could be of some help for you.You see, when you are looking for help with research papers, most people tend to stick to getting the first or second or third thing they get done. If you're not careful, this can mean a lot of wasted time, energy and money. And while it may seem like a little thing, doing this can also seriously affect your career.So, if you want to get help with research papers, you need to have a better understanding of what research papers are all about. To help with research papers, you need to understand how they are created. Not all writers have the same skills and writing styles, and the type of research papers that they do are determined by the strengths and weaknesses of their writing skills. For example, a writer who is good at writing about spor ts events would not necessarily be best suited to writing about the political and social happenings of a country.Help with research papers should not stop at knowing the difference between the two types of research papers. You need to understand why and how the research papers are written, what people generally expect from them, and what they can do for you.The easiest way to help with research papers is to simply write the basic outline, what is expected of you in the research paper. After that, you have to decide on the topic, which are generally an umbrella term for the main thrust of the research paper, and after that, you have to think about the topics and how you can effectively present these topics.The best way to help with research papers is to make sure that your paper is as thorough as possible, without being boring. For example, if you want to know how to beat your boss, make sure that you spend several pages about how to beat your boss, and then give you a few different ideas on how to do it.Help with research papers can make all the difference in the world in your career. It can mean an important boost in your career and maybe even help you find a job.

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Trifles And The Story Of An Hour Paper (i Will Attach Files) Essay

Essays on Trifles And The Story Of An Hour Paper (i Will Attach Files) Essay â€Å"Trifles† and â€Å"The Story of an hour† Is anyone unaware of the predominant male chauvinism and the predicament and oppression experienced by women before the emergence of socialist thinkers who were committed to liberating women? An analysis of Louise mallard a major character in â€Å"The Story of an Hour† by Kate Chopin, and Mrs. Wright, a minor character in Susan Glaspell’s â€Å"Trifles†, portray the kind of oppression that women underwent prior to the 1920s. This paper shall candidly analyze and compare the actions of the two ladies in reference to their lives, their relationships to their husbands, and to the society in which they live with an objective of demonstrating how both women were victims as well as victors and their relevance to todays women. Mrs. Mallard and Mrs. Wright lived in a world where life seemed tedious and a collection of quandaries. Mrs. Mallard had a critical heart trouble that deprived her of happiness and asso ciation with the outside world. â€Å"Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble†¦. She did not hear the story as many women †¦.† (Chopin 16). Likewise, Mrs. Wright used to sing when she was a lass but her life was now terrible and only a bird could give her happiness. Mrs. Mallard and Mrs. Wright had strangled relationships with their husbands. After receiving the shocking news of her husband’s death, Mrs. Mallard masquerades to be grieving but in reality she is fantasizing about the good life that she will live now that her husband is dead. She feels that she has been freed from the shackles of subjugation. â€Å"Free! Body and soul free!† (Chopin 16). Equally, Mrs. Wright seems to live an oppressed life under the dominance of her husband. She gets excited after her husband’s death and acts in a way that suggests she might have exterminated her husband’s life. Both women were shunned by the society as they were perceived to be acti ng against the norms. They were rarely visited and other women did not cooperate with them. They lived in a disaffected world where repression was tolerated and any actions aimed at challenging male supremacy were deemed belligerent. Somewhat, both women are victims and equally victors. Mrs. Wright is under probation after being suspected of killing her husband. On the other hand, Mrs. Mallard surrenders to heart attack after the realization that her husband was alive. However, Mrs. Wright becomes a victor by managing to terminate the life of a man who oppressed her while Mrs. Mallard surrenders her life to call for humanitarian agencies to intervene and stop the oppression that women were undergoing. Evidently, the women spearheaded what is currently known as ‘women emancipation’ aimed at upholding women’s right and call for equality in a fairly just world. They contributed to psychological and moralistic improvement in women. Work CitedChopin, Kate. Kate Chopin s "the Story of an Hour". Patterson, N.Y N.p., 1982. Print.

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The Dream free essay sample

â€Å"Hello class. My name is Miss Larkin and I’m going to be your teacher today,† the five-year old fantasizer fluttered to her stuffed friends. The day I found an old whiteboard in my basement was the day my imagination ran wild. To adults it may have only looked like chicken scratch, but to me it was my aspiration dancing across the board and throughout my imagination. I continued to prance around my room addressing myself as Miss Larkin and eventually upgraded my classmates from lifeless animals to family members. My penmanship had to be just perfect, dotted with a heart on the i. The feeling of having a red pen in my hand sent chills down my spine as I continued to grade the papers of my students. Teachers are protagonists in my eyes; they are all unique people with different methods I will learn to use and incorporate in my â€Å"classroom† teachings. I realize I cannot set my goals and dreams on the basis of others and I need to achieve things for myself. I will only accomplish my goal in being happy when I am able to live my life for myself and still able to love and support others. A college education will prepare me for a professional career by providing a more advanced course curriculum, opportunities on the job training, and enhancement of communication and socialization skills. I believe that a college education is a very important asset when seeking a professional career. In this day and age, a high school education is not enough for the demanding workforce. A high school education alone is only an introduction to the educational background that I will need to prepare myself for success. With strength, determination, and a college education, I will broaden my knowledge of future aspirations as I work toward accomplishing my career goals. My chosen career path to become an anesthesiologist has been an ongoing source of personal inspiration and growth. It could be a great connection to others as well as a source of giving and receiving knowledge. My parents inspired me to become a pharmacist by having such high expectations of me. They also worked hard to give me the best education they could. However, I want to go my own way instead of following the path my parents want me to go down. I want to be happy in what I do, and with what I can accomplish as an individual aspiring to be an anesthesiologist. To be happy regardless of what I choose to do, to graduate from college, and to further my education to become an anesthesiologist are my goals for the next five years. Those are my goals I believe that would help me become successful in my future life. There are many people who have achieved their goals. I know that I still have a lot to do and a long way to go in order to reach my goals.

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Saving Private Ryan Movie Review

Steven Spielberg is one of the most unique and genius film directors and screenwriters all over the world. His works usually arouse so much admiration and respect, and numerous awards and public’s recognition may serve as one of the best proofs of his professionalism. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Saving Private Ryan: specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Saving Private Ryan is his fascinating work about the events during World War II, about courage, friendship, and respect, about love and devotion, devotion to own duties, faith, and people. A war is the time, when people stop appreciating money, fashion, and proper food. It is the time, when only someone’s life and death turn out to be important. This is what Spielberg wants to present in his movie, this is what should be taken into consideration and analyzed. Saving Private Ryan is a brilliant movie about the war and people in it; a true story of l ife, created by Steven Spielberg; a piece of art that awakes the kindest feelings and emotions. Saving Private Ryan opens with an emotionally-colored scene, when one old veteran visits the cemetery in order give honors all soldiers, who gave their lives for freedom, peace, and other people’s lives. This veteran falls into his knees and start crying: these emotions and these tears demonstrate how dear all those people for him are, how significant their actions were, how proud he is now. Now, it is high tome to see what has happened to this old man and whose all those graves are. It is 6 June 1944. It is a beginning of the story, when a squad of solders under the command of Capt. John H. Miller (Tom Hanks) fights for their future and for the future of their families. It is the war: so much blood, so many tears, and so many deaths. People know that this war takes lots of lives, however, each loss is something personal and something terrible. Saving Private Ryan is the story of how John Miller gets an order to save young Ryan, the only alive son of a mother. The team of John Miller has to overcome numerous battles in order to find out this one young man and get him back to his mother. Each meeting with the enemies takes the life of one of Miller’s soldiers. These people die to save another person, whom they never know and never meet. It is too hard to lose people in the only one name – Private Ryan. Miller hates this boy, but has nothing to do – his aim is to save him and allow his mother see her son once again. When Miller finally finds Ryan, this young man does not want to leave his squad: â€Å"These guys deserve to go home as much as I do. Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They’ve fought just as hard† (Saving Private Ryan). The end of the movie is tragic indeed: the team, who is sent to save Pr. Ryan, is killed. Ca pt. John Miller dies, but completes his task – he saves Ryan, a person, who will come to Miller’s grave in order to introduce his family and salute his friends, who saved him one day. War times always cause tears, grief, and pity. People fight in order to be free, to be heard, and to be understood. Of course, these people achieve their purposes, the wars are won, and the freedom is got. However, the lives of people, both young and old, cannot be returned. This is the most terrible thing about any war. Steven Spielberg makes a wonderful attempt to represent several war issues and explain what people feel during the war. Soldiers face numerous battles day by day: some of them die, some of them get injuries, and some of them feel that they are not too brave to be soldiers and fight for someone’s lives and future. With the help of this movie, people get a chance to comprehend that even all those terrible times of war did not deprive soldiers from the abilities to be brave, honest, and humane. There are so many duties, people should complete during the war in order to create a proper system and win. If one person makes something wrong, it is quite possible to fail and lose everything, and even put under a terrible threat the others. Spielberg does not afraid to focus on pain: war will never be kind, and people should know it in order not to provoke it once again. Suffering, pain, and loss – this is all about war. It is too hard for an ordinary person to accept such cruel reality and not to lose own personality. This is why we should try to do everything possible to live in peace and think about safe future. Saving Private Ryan is a perfect work by Steven Spielberg that tells about best human qualities, people’s responsibility, friendship, and care. John Miller is one of the brightest examples of great leaders and just a good person, who knows how to improve this life and help other people achieve safe future. This story touches many people; it learns how to be worthy of this world and appreciate every minute of this life. Works Cited Saving Private Ryan. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Perf. Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, and Edward Burns. DreamWorks. Paramount Pictures, 1998.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Saving Private Ryan: specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on Saving Private Ryan: was written and submitted by user Eden Albert to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Effects of Immigration in America

The Effects of Immigration in America of the labor market, if there were no immigrants, there would be no labor at the age of 35 in the United States as now the American society is aging. What is more, the majority of immigrants is employed in the fields of industrial production, trade, construction, service, and entertainment industries. For several reasons, the proportion of immigrants is particularly weighty in the field of engineering, medicine, information technology, and physics. For example, in the 1960s, American medical schools did not prepare a sufficient number of specialists. In this connection, the U.S. government gave special immigration privileges to doctors and nurses from Korea, so that they moved to the United States. In some cases, the government even pays for resettlement in the United States for people from Korea. It is believed that if immigrants leave the U.S. high-tech center Silicon Valley, it will simply cease to exist. The contribution of immigrants to the economy lies in the fact that they are working hard. Immigrants from other countries are working on average 10% more than the locals. In addition, migrants and immigrants tend to be much less likely to violate local laws than the local residents, as well as being subjected to such vices as alcoholism or drug addiction. Immigrants also possess a great potential to update the population of the United States. According to the UN, the USA is one of the 13 industrialized countries which critically need the inflow of fresh blood as its native population is rapidly aging. According to UN forecasts, the population of the United States will increase from 280 million to 350 million people in a half of a century. Clearly, the history of the American immigration faced a lot of moments with harsh measures. However, nowadays some policies are altered in a way to support the country and its citizens. As it was stated on the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, America needs to host new and new generation in order to help those who need it.

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Paper Based on Four Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Paper Based on Four Movies - Essay Example The title in itself gives a hint of the plot, somehow one feels that it is bound to be a rags to riches story. In contrast, the movie The Pianist describes a man, caught in the horrors of war, who gets by because of his amazing talents and the compassion and humanity of other people. The title The Pianist is somehow still distinct from the Amelie because the latter is a proper name, while the former is not. The movie Amelie and the use of the name of the lead character as the title of the film suggests an intimacy that perhaps is not there in the two other films. The third movie wishes to establish an intimate and personal connection between the movie watcher and the character, drawing the watcher into the life and emotions of the character. So while all three movies focus on characters, the way they choose to do so are in different ways, all of which, however, set the stage for the unfolding of each of the movies’ rich narratives. Second question The depiction of space and pl ace in the movie Slumdog is best seen during the scene when the two boys who come from the slums work as â€Å"tourists† in the Taj Mahal. One can see the resplendence of the Taj Mahal as a towering symbol of Indian elite and it contrasts starkly with the material realities of the two boys who show tourists around. What is striking as well is the ease with which the boys, especially Jamal, walk around the Taj Mahal, as if comfortable in its splendor and luxury. This to me suggests an image of India that is replete with contrasts and dissonances, but somehow these contrasts and dissonances merge seamlessly into each other: as though poverty is used to and not appalled by the obscenity of wealth, and luxury has become so indifferent to poverty. One is jarred to the core by the horrific scenes of child exploitation, as for example a syndicate in the business of collecting beggars and deliberately maiming children so they can bring in more income. And then we are shown the busy s treets of India’s gleaming urban landscape, the call center capital of the world where dreams are fashioned from the magic wand of outsourcing. One too is struck by the scene where Jamal jumps into literal feces, an apt metaphor for the lives the â€Å"slumdogs† lead. And yet the characters, particularly the poor ones, accept this dichotomy with indifference, even acceptance. The images of space and place highlight the contrasts with clarity, and one is left with an image of India as a country straddling between economic greatness and dire poverty, an uneasy mixture that will soon explode in its face. Fourth question Ciki is a Bosniak soldier who finds himself in a trench with a Bosnian Serb during the height of the Bosnian war. He finds himself in an absurd situation with Nino, the Bosnian Serb, as they confront each other while under threat of an exploding land mine but stop short of killing each other. As the media gathers and international human rights observers jo in the fray, the exchange between Ciki and Nino becomes an interesting tableau of both the capacity of human beings for comedy amidst the tragedy of war. Ciki is extremely important to the film because he moves the story forward and delivers the necessary decisions and actions to allow the plot to unfold, e.g., jumping over Cera so the bomb would not explode, shooting Nino. Jane Livingstone is also in the film No Man’

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The implication of diversity on human resource, organization,and Research Paper

The implication of diversity on human resource, organization,and stakeholders - Research Paper Example The main point to be noticed here is that numbers of minorities within the workforce who are qualified and educated have increased and this makes it compulsory for the organizations to attract, hire and recruit member of the workforce who are recognized as minority. Research has been conducted for several years and the results of these researches is that hiring individuals who represent the minority s not enough to achieve success and efficiency within the organization. Questions have even been raised against the effectiveness of the training programs of diversity implemented by organizations. Those organizations that fail to attain success in creating a diversified work environment have experienced the negative implications of diversity. Such events have been experienced by world’s top most organizations such as Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola (Samson 511). When organizations fail to integrate and attain diversity, they experience downsides such as law suits based on discrimination. T hose organizations that have been successful in integrating diversity have attained favorable results and rewards. The failure to achieve diversity and deal with diversity in an effective manner is a problematic situation for private firms and firms that contribute to the list of Fortune 500 companies. These issues have not even spared the public and the nonprofit sector which is already deeply concerned due to financial issues. These organizations are mostly held responsible for not spending money on the activities of human resource management such as training and development, hiring and retention. Problems will further elevate for these organizations as Baby Boomers will obtain retirement and a shortage in the workforce will be created. According to the conventional business case in the favor of diversity, organizations should manage their diverse workforce in an appropriate manner to attain competitive advantage over its competitors. This is very essential for organizations becau se the demographics of the workforce are changing on daily basis. According to Soni, during the period of 1990 the total workforce of US comprised of 73% white and 27% minority individuals, the statistics changed to 30% minority and 70% white individuals within a time frame of ten years (Soni, 2004) . This clearly shows that employers need to pay attention to the element of diversity as the minorities are becoming an integral part of the workforce. Various benefits of diversity have been realized by organizations, diversity helps an organization in achieving its aims and objectives. This happens because employees who belong to different cultures and society play a major ole in generation of ideas and solutions to issues experienced by organizations. Diversity will lead to creation of creative teams and creativity within teams will increase and this will lead to designing and development of creative products. Another major benefit of having a diversified workforce is that diverse wor kforce is able to attract diverse amount of customers (Champoux 30). Customers feel more relaxed and want to buy more from organizations that are able to understand what their needs and wants are. Diversified workforce is able to communicate with customers according to their cultural context which makes the customers feel comfortable as they are able to express their

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The Darkness out there Essay Example for Free

The Darkness out there Essay She beseeches the doctors aid; she sees the hopelessness of human assistance; and there is a desperate earnestness in her manner that goes to the young mans heart. The plot builds up by keeping the reader puzzled about the unknown person who needs the doctors help. The doctor cannot understand why he cannot help until the following morning, especially as the woman is in such a distressed state. The doctor explores various thoughts but cannot find a logical explanation. He speculated a great deal and to very little purpose on the possible circumstances of the case. The mood of the story is further darkened by the images of Walworth, which is the location of the tragedy. The village is full of poverty, decay and questionable characters. His way lay across a marshy common, through irregular lanes, with here and there a ruinous and dismantled cottage fast falling to pieces with decay and neglect. The writer uses assonance and imagery that emphasises the dreariness and sense of no hope. After plodding wearily through the MUD and MIRE. A small low building, one story above the ground with a desolate and unpromising exterior. The sense of mystery is kept up as the doctor is told that he is too soon to help the patient rather than too late. Am I in time? Too soon replied the man. The surgeon turned hastily round, with a gesture of astonishment mixed with alarm. But then the puzzle is suddenly solved and the reason for the tragedy becomes clear. The truth flashed suddenly upon him. The tone and pace of The Darkness Out There is much slower and less intense. The descriptions and conversation are about everyday things. The setting is much more modern and the language is casual rather than formal. She would go to this old Mrs Rutters and have a bit of a giggle with Susie and come home for tea and wash her hair. The writer uses lots of alliteration and assonance to create a lighthearted mood that reflects the country setting. Polleny summer grass that glinted in the sun. Pattern and petal. This style is used to bring the characters to life as well. She seemed composed of circles, a cottage-loaf of a woman, with a face below which chins collapsed. There are lots of contrasting images as well, because the young girl is frightened of the wood. There are some nasty things as well as pretty colourful flowers, and the dark side of the wood is described to remind the reader about the main theme of the story. The dark reach of the spinney came right to the gate there so that she would have to walk by the edge of it with the light suddenly shutting off the bare wide sky of the field. The chatty conversations move the plot forward, and the young girl finds out things about the old womans past. The writer uses similes to build up an image of the womans dead husband, which the girl sees in a photo. The girl saw a man with a tooth-brush moustache, his army cap slicing his forehead. Although the old woman seems to be plump and harmless, as the story goes on, a harder side starts to come out. The young boy who is helping with the cleaning, starts to pick up on things about her that make him feel uncomfortable. His opinion turns out to be correct, for her darker side is very unpleasant indeed. She and her sister heard the plane crash and they went to investigate. They cheered when they realised it was German plane. The writer starts to build up a mood of fear and tension as they are exploring the crash. The language becomes more harsh and sharp, and reflects the hatred that the old lady felt. Bang there goes some more bastards. Tit for tat. The old woman tells the story without seeming to feel as though she did anything wrong. But the horror of the young boy and girl comes across in the description of their reaction. The boys spoon clattered to the floor; he did not move. At the end the writer sums up the different kinds of darkness that can exist. She emphasises that things are not always what they seem to be on the surface. This makes sure that the reader fully understands what the story has been about. You could get people all wrong and there was a darkness that was not the darkness of tree shadows. There are some things about the stories that are similar. There is an element of mystery and secrecy in them both which makes the reader want to continue reading and see what happens. The endings are both tragic as well. Both stories are about death, but one of the main characters causes the death, and the other one is the victim of a death. The tone of the stories are very different. The Black Veil is much deeper and disturbing, and the characters are frightened, helpless and in great pain. The mood of The Darkness Out There is quite colourful and bright, but this actually covers up the evil act of the old woman. The stories are written at different times, and so the Dickens tale uses words that are formal and outdated. This compares with the chatty, colloquial language which goes on between the characters in the other story. The endings of both tales are very powerful. The reader discovers a dreadful tragedy has occurred. However, the Black Veil ending makes you feel sad as absolutely nothing could be done to save the womans son. In contrast, the jolly old woman turns out to be a murderer, and like the boy and the girl the reader ends up hating her. It makes you want to throw up he said, someone like that. Richard Hiom 01/05/2007 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Joseph Conrad section.

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Arthritis Essay -- essays research papers fc

Arthritis is a general term for approximately 100 diseases that produce either INFLAMMATION of connective tissues, particularly in joints, or noninflammatory degeneration of these tissues. The word means "joint inflammation," but because other structures are also affected, the diseases are often called connective tissue diseases. The terms rheumatism and rheumatic diseases are also used. Besides conditions so named, the diseases include gout, lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative joint disease, and many others, among them the more recently identified LYME DISEASE. Causes of these disorders include immune-system reactions and the wear and tear of aging, while research indicates that the nervous system may often be equally involved. About one out of seven Americans exhibit some form of arthritis. INFLAMMATORY CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASES This varied group of diseases produces inflammation in the connective tissues, particularly in the joints. The signs of inflammation--warmth, redness, swelling, and pain--may be apparent. Microscopic examination of the lesions reveals prominent blood vessels, abnormal accumulations of white blood cells, and varying degrees of wound healing with scarring. In some diseases, the inflammation is clearly an immune reaction, the body's defense against invading microorganisms. In others, the cause is different or unknown. Infectious Arthritis This disease is most common in young adults. Infection in a joint is usually caused by bacteria or other microorganisms that invade the joint from its blood vessels. Within hours or a few days the joint, usually the knee or elbow, becomes inflamed. There is an abnormal accumulation of synovial, or joint, fluid, which may be cloudy and contain large numbers of white blood cells. Gonococcal arthritis, a complication of gonorrhea, is the most common form of infectious arthritis. Treatment with antibiotics and aspiration of synovial fluid is usually promptly effective, and only minor residual damage is done to the joint. Occasionally the infection is prolonged and produces joint destruction and requires surgery. Rheumatic Fever This is a form of infectious arthritis caused by hemolytic streptococcus, a bacterium. Unlike typical infectious arthritis, however, the disease is most common in children aged 5 to 15 years, begins weeks after the onset of the streptococc... ... certain adrenal cortical steroids are powerful inhibitors of inflammation, toxic side effects limit their usefulness. Similarly, drugs that inhibit proliferation of cells in the inflammatory masses have potentially severe side effects. Drugs that inhibit undesirable inflammation may also inhibit desired inflammatory responses. A result is a high frequency of secondary infections. More specific therapy, for example, allopurinol and colchicine in gout, is dependent on knowledge of the precise biochemical mechanisms of disease pathogenesis. Researchers are also studying the use of drugs that act on the nervous system. Despite the wear-and-tear origin of degenerative joint disease, it, too, may respond well to so-called anti-inflammatory drugs. Perhaps they are primarily acting as analgesics (pain-killers), or they may act by decreasing the secondary inflammation that follows joint trauma. Franklin Mullinax Bibliography: Arthritis Foundation, Understanding Arthritis (1986); Kelley, William N., et al., eds., Textbook of Rheumatology, 2d ed., (1985); McCarty, Daniel F., ed., Arthritis and Allied Conditions, 11th ed. (1988); Moll, J. M. H., Rheumatology in Clinical Practice (1987).

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Smoking Work Cited

English 103 November 7, 2012 Works Cited Bailey, William Everett. The Invisible Drug. Houston: Mosaic Publications, 1996. Print. William Bailey wrote this book on cigarettes with many views from doctors and other professional advisors to show the effects and complications from smoking cigarettes. This book had a lot of information from previous books the was further reviewed and more recent. However, because this book is from 1996 I used it for a place to start and find more information about the subject. Das , B. C. et al. Smoking And Cardiovascular Health: A Review Of The Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Prevention And Control Of Tobacco. †Ã‚  Indian Journal Of Medical Sciences  63. 11 (2009): 520-533. Academic Search Premier. Web. 31 Oct. 2012. From this journal I learned more about the direct risks from smoking cigarettes and how it increases the chances of getting some sort of cardiovascular disease. Also how smoking has been claimed to cause eleven percent of cardiovascular deaths. Haustein, K. O. Tobacco or Health? : Physiological and Social Damages Caused by Tobacco Smoking.Berlin: Springer, 2003. Print. This book gave me a lot of information about smoking and many statistics as well. It is an older book so it was a base and gave me a lot of information to further research for the rest of the project. It told me of all the organs and systems affected by smoking cigarettes so it was a good place to start. â€Å"Heart Disease Facts. †Ã‚  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23 Mar. 2012. Web. 30 Oct. 2012. From this website I learned that nearly 20% of all deaths from heart disease in the U. S. re directly related to cigarette smoking. Coronary heart disease is the reason of death for over 616,000 people died of heart disease. I know this is a credible source because it is a government based site. Lemonick, Michael D. , Dan Cray, and Harlene Ellin. â€Å"The Other Lung Disease. †Ã‚  Timeà ‚  163. 16 (2004): 62-63. Academic Search Premier. Web. 30 Oct. 2012. This article gave a lot of information about emphysema and lung cancer both. Lung  cancer is deadlier, it killed 150,000 Americans in 2000, while COPD killed  120,000, but COPD is more common in smokers and even non smokers by a long shot.Lung cancer is the number one killer because is it so hard to detect, by the time it is detected it is often too advanced to reverse. Emphysema is not reversible. â€Å"Lung Cancer. †Ã‚  Pub Med Health. U. S. National Library of Medicine, 24 Aug. 2011. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. From this website I gained information on lung cancer and how cigarettes cause more than half of the diagnoses. Cigarettes contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer, including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and ammonia. When inhaled, instantaneously your chances of getting lung cancer become higher. â€Å"National Cancer Institute.   Harms of Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitti ng. NCI, 25 Apr. 2012. Web. 1 Nov. 2012. From this website I learned that within the past year, roughly 226,160 cases of lung cancer have been diagnosed. Also in the past year lung cancer has caused 160,340 deaths. In doing the math, that’s over 50% of those who were diagnosed with lung cancer passed away. â€Å"NATIONAL EMPHYSEMA TREATMENT TRIAL. †Ã‚  NATIONAL EMPHYSEMA TREATMENT TRIAL. NETT, 20 May 2003. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. This website gave me most of my information on emphysema. I learned more about what it is and how smoking causes it.Emphysema is a condition in which the small bags in the lungs become filled with too much air, causing breathing difficulties and can lead to death. I know this is a reliable source because it is a government based site. RAMZI ZEMNI, et al. â€Å"Role Of CYP1A1 (T6235C) Polymorphism And Cigarette Smoking In The Development Of Coronary Heart Disease In Tunisian Population. †Ã‚  Journal Of Genetics  90. 2 (2011): 303-307. Academ ic Search Premier. Web. 31 Oct. 2012. From this academic journal I learned that while other things may cause coronary heart disease the main reason is from smoking cigarettes.I also got to view graphs and how certain people, depending on their lifestyle and how much they smoke, develop it fast or have more severe cases. Taraseviciene-Stewart, Laimute, and Norbert F. Voelkel. â€Å"Molecular Pathogenesis Of Emphysema. †Ã‚  Journal Of Clinical Investigation  118. 2 (2008): 394-402. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. As a cigarette is inhaled the toxins in a cigarette leave behind deposits of chemicals from the tobacco. These chemicals remain in the lung cavity and start the damaging lungs almost immediately, breaking the smaller bags and creating a fewer amount of larger bags in the lungs.While only fifteen to twenty percent of smokers develop emphysema smoking causes your chances of getting it to go up more than 85%. Tuder, Rubin M. , and Jeong H. Yun. â€Å"It Tak es Two To Tango: Cigarette Smoke Partners With Viruses To Promote Emphysema. â€Å"Journal Of Clinical Investigation  118. 8 (2008): 2689-2693. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. Emphysema is one form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) the fourth leading death in the world and still rising. Emphysema causes at least 100,000 deaths per year. â€Å"What Is Coronary Heart Disease?   NHLBI. N. p. , 23 Aug. 2012. Web. 30 Oct. 2012. Facts from this heart disease website show me that one in every four deaths is caused from a cardiovascular disease. Also that nearly half of cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking cigarettes. I also read that Carbon monoxide and nicotine in the cigarettes cause the blood to clump together, making the blood more â€Å"sticky†, which makes blood more prone to clotting. The clumping platelets in your blood can block your coronary arteries that cause heart attacks, a trigger of Coronary heart disease.

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Brittle Stars - Ophiuroidea - The Animal Encyclopedia

Brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) are a group of echinoderms that resemble starfish. There are about 1500 species of brittle stars alive today and most species inhabit marine habitats with depths greater than 1500 feet. There are a few species of shallow water brittle stars. These species live in the sand or mud just below the low tide mark. They often live amongst coral and sponges as well. Brittle stars inhabit all the worlds oceans and live in a variety of climate regions including tropical, temperate and polar waters. Brittle stars are subdivided into two basic groups, the brittle stars (Ophiurida) and the basket stars (Euryalida). Brittle stars have a star shaped body. Like many echinoderms, they exhibit pentaradial symmetry, a 5-sided radial symetry. Brittle stars have five arms that join together at a central body disk. The arms are clearly delineated from the central body disk, and in this way brittle stars can be distinguished from starfish (starfish arms blend with the central body disk such that it is not easy to delineate where the arm ends and the central body disk begins). Brittle stars move using a water vascular system and tube feet. Their arms can move side to side but not up and down (if they are bent up or down they break, hence the name brittle star). Their arms are extremely flexible from side to side and enable them to move through the water and along substrate surfaces. When they move, they do so in a straight line, with one arm serving as the forward directing point and other arms pushing the body along that path. Brittle stars and basket stars both have long flexible arms. These arms are supported by calcium carbonate plates (also known as vertebral ossicles). The ossicles are encased in soft tissue and jointed plates that run the length of the arm. Brittle stars have a nervous system that consists of a nerve ring and that encircles their central body disk. Nerves run down each arm. Brittle stars, like all echinoderms, lack a brain. The have no eyes and their only developed senses are chemosensory (they can detect chemicals in the water) and touch. Brittle stars undergo respiration using bursae, sacks that enable gas exchange as well as excretion. These sacs are located on the bottom of the central body disk. Cilia within the sacs direct water flow so that oxygen can be absorbed from the water and waste flushed from the body. Brittle stars have a mouth that has five jaw-like structures around it. The mouth opening is also used to expel waste. An esophagus and stomach connect to the mouth opening. Brittle stars feed on organic material on the sea floor (they are primarily detritivores or scavengers although some species occasionally feed on small invertebrate prey). Basket stars feed on plankton and bacteria they catch by suspension feeding. Most species of brittle stars have separate sexes. A few species are either hermaphroditic or protandric. In many species, larvae develop inside the body of the parent. When an arm is lost, brittle stars often regenerate the lost limb. If a predator catches a brittle star by its arm, it loses the arm as a means of escape. Brittle stars diverged from other echinoderms about 500 million years ago, during the Early Ordovician. Brittle stars are most closely related to sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Details about the evolutionary relationship of brittle star to other echinoderms are not clear. Brittle stars reach sexual maturity at about 2 years of age and become full grown by 3 or 4 years of age. Their life span is generally about 5 years. Classification: Animals Invertebrates Echinoderms Brittle Stars