Friday, December 20, 2019

Julius Caesar s Influence On The Roman Republic - 2031 Words

One of the most famous roman emperors was the almighty Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar had a critical and excellent impact on the Roman Empire. Although Julius Caesar’s reign on the empire was not long it was very effective. We all know Julius Caesar as an effective, powerful, and proficient ruler. In this document I will explain how Julius Caesar possess the ability to change the Roman Republic for the course of the future. I will talk about what traits of leadership Julius Caesar showed in his conquests, how the Julius Caesar fought to the dictator of Rome, and what happened to the Roman Republic and the people when he was assassinated. Let’s start at the beginning young Julius Caesar’s life. Julius Caesar, born in Rome in July 100 BC,†¦show more content†¦From that point on words Julius Caesar finally endured hardship, tension, and responsibility. His young life of lavish comfortable living have finally come to an end. Julius Caesar was born into a famil y of aristocrats, â€Å"he was an aristocrat by birth and by nature: two things that are far from synonymous† (Bradford 6). Julius Caesar had a mature mind at such an early age, â€Å"Julius Caesar want to restore to his family the glory and leadership position that his family story says his ancestors once had† (Julius Caesar). As was mostly due to the facts that his family were as well as they should have been, that his father passed away, and that Rome was under chaos. It wasn’t so Julius Caesar became a young adult, that it was sent off to Spain to fight an opposing attack on the Roman Republic. There he showed excellent leadership, remarkable courage, and an outstanding military mindset. During the battle â€Å"it is here that he shows the dynamic leadership and charisma that when markets later life† (Julius Caesar). Being able to hold his own, with his own soldiers fighting by his side, Julius Caesar also shows that he is a very good warrior as well. â€Å"And it is here as well that Caesar’s military reputation begins to build† (Julius Caesar). Julius Caesar is soon became very interested into the political world. He often thought of running for consul of the Roman Republic. I feel as if Julius Caesar had

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